Good Governance and Human Rights

a) Movement to advance women’s right & gender equality
The unequal rights of men and women are the barrier for entire development. The torture of women and the subordination of women is the huge barrier for equity and development. HAB has been implementing this program since 2005 with the assistance local network . This program is implemented under this program through various activities on social issues by forming gender change activists, women activists from grass-root level women, Student volunteer group from secondary level and Students facilitators group from higher secondary level and by improving their skill.

b) Establishing and Protection of Rights of Vegetable Producing Farmers (EPRVPF)
Bangladesh is a agro-based country. Almost 85% people of this country are engaged with agriculture either directly or indirectly. Agriculture is the main economical sector due to the availability of cultivation worthy land, availability of labor, own local market etc. But the farmers of our country is neglected, cheated and deprived in various ways. The agriculture sector is under threat despite the availability of scope for development. The farmers are enslaved to the agriculture based local and foreign marketing companies of fertilizer, seed and pesticides. HAB wants to implement this program through local and foreign donors and also by the support of local NGO to preserve the right of the farmers, to achieve the right of the farmers, and to protect the status of the farmers

c) Promoting Pro-Poor Policy Reforms and Public Services for All
No program can play fruitful role for the development of the people by keeping the ordinary people out of the development process. Bangladesh government had already made principles and taken programs, and implemented the programs to reduce poverty, hunger, inequity, deprivedness, unemployment and illiteracy and poverty elimination. But no program can play effective role for entire developmen

Education & Self reliance Program for Development of Child Labor:

The illiterate population is one of the reasons of barrier against the entire development of a country. But this is unfortunate but true that the literacy rate of Bangladesh is very poor. Most of the poor, neglected day labors of villages are illiterate among them. The children of these families are engaged in various works due to the poverty from childhood. But there is no scope of education for them side by side of their work. As a result, there is a strong need of arrangement of part-time education with income generating work beside the formal and regular education in order to bring them under the net of education. Moreover there is a need of creating awareness activities widely to resist child labor and drop-out from the school with this. At present HAB is implementing this program with the assistance of friends Mohal specially lived in Australia

Health And Sanitation

a. Safe Water & Sanitation project:
It is necessary part for public health and environmental safety to ensure safe water, sanitation, care for personal health. These are the issues directly involved with the development. The situation of public health sector is still in alarming conditions due to the unequal distribution of wealth, improper guidelines and absence of planning. The conditions of healthful sanitation are still far backward from the satisfactory level from the perspective of healthful latrine coverage. For this reason, HAB, has been playing a vital role for achieving the goal of sanitation coverage by the self-finance supported.

b. Prevention of HIV/AIDS among young People in Bangladesh (GFATM):

It is HIV and Aids which is spread as pestilence disease that ruined the life of human beings in the world. This virus is also spreading throughout Bangladesh slowly. One third of the total population of Bangladesh is young. They have no idea regarding the infection of HIV and AIDS. As a result, this risk has been increasing day by day and this becomes the obstacle to build safe and developed life for the youth. We need to think about the risk of spreading HIV/AIDS among the youth. In order to achieve this goal, HAB wants to work for creating awareness among public though campaign program.

Disability & Development Project:

The matter of disability comes to a place where the difference of status between men and disabled men is huge. The status of disabled person in our country is in neglected situation not only in the society but also in the family. The disabled person in the society and family is not only the symbol of unrespectable but also the symbol of superstitions and religious vagueness. As a result, the disabled person got the impression of the mind-set of self-destructive thoughts regarding themselves and thus looses all of their work skill. The prerequisite of the disabled person is to remove this barrier of the society and taking the measures of preventing the cause of creating disabled person anymore. At present, HAB is implementing various programs to develop the socio-economic situation of the disabled persons and their barriers with the own initiatives.

Livelihood Security Program

Rural Micro Credit and Urban Micro Credit:

HAB is working in the field of Micro credit since 2016. The main goal of the micro credit of HAB is to create the opportunity for self-reliance and promoting durable development by providing the financial and technical assistance and training for income generating activities by organizing the poor people specially women residing in village and urban areas. HAB is providing micro credit aid with flexible conditions to its member as per their demand in order to implement income generating and job creating programs and forming capital for the future by savings in order to make the backward poor people self-reliant. At present, HAB is implementing the activities with a view of following objectives-

Human Resource Development:

The most valuable asset of HAB is its own skilled workers. That’s why HAB emphasizes with highest priority on the development of the workers. For this reason, a human resource policy is available for the organization. As per the human resource policy, various procedures are continuing in order to strengthen the skill of the workers, qualification, and accountability. So HAB emphasizes on the development of workers through the development of organizational management of the workers, planning of the programs, conquering any difficulties while implementation in reality. There are 3 skilled trainers available in this organization and three more trainers are made from the citizen organization side by side. The necessary training for on going programs is provided by them. Some Rich training modules are available in order to provide training on various subjects.

There is a training room available in HAB enough to train-up 25-30 persons. The training and meeting of this organization and the training of the citizen organization concerned with HAB, the training of the volunteers group are held in this training room. This training room is also given on rent beside the organization itself.


Socio-Cultural Program 

National and International Day Observation:

Various national and international days, matching with the goal, objectives and activities of HAB, are observed often either with government and private organizations or other networks by altogether or by alone.

Ethic Culture Protection:

HAB has been arranging cultural activities from the very beginning of the establishment as part of the continuous work. The fundamental goal of HAB is to make a non-communal Bangladesh by practicing and evaluating domestic culture. These cultural activities are the main fundamental strength for implementing public awareness campaign on various social development programs of the organization. At present, the cultural activities are directed in various angles for creating awareness in all the implemented programs of the organization. Ethnic language and culture protectin and promotion is one of the important initiative of HAB


Ongoing Project

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