Who We are?

HAB is a non political and volunteer organization for Social development. This organization was established in 01-10-03.. with the keen interest of some likeminded social workers at Satkhira, a south-western border district of Bangladesh. The work of HAB was limited to literature, cultural activities, Sports, education support activities and other social activities in the beginning. HAB was started the journey toward advancement since 1950. with some precise activities and administrative structure as project based development organization.

HAB has been working by implementing various activities in the areas of human rights and good governance by promoting gender equality, education, health in general women and child particularly underprivileged and vulnerable people, nutrition, tailoring, computer training , agriculture, culture of fish and domestic animals and sanitation so as to empower and ensure the security of the livelihood of the backward poor people of the society. Moreover, we work hard for the neglected and exploited groups to increase their dignity to the society and helps them to contribute to the country so that, their lives get non-discriminate.

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Our Mission

Ensuring better life of people by ensuring sustainable economical development, good governance, human rights, and gender equality and equity.

  1. Good Governance and Human Rights
  2. Education for the under privileged children and prevention of Child Labor:
  3. Health & Sanitation
  4. Sustainable Livelihood for the poor and disadvantaged community
  5. Climate change challenges and Sustainable Environment
  6. Emergency Responses
More About Us

Humanitarian Assistance in Bangladesh

We don't compromise with quality to support the people affected by crisis.

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